Flameless Cremation

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What is Flameless Cremation?

What is Flameless Cremation?

Flameless Cremation, scientifically known as Alkaline Hydrolysis, is a natural, gentle, and eco-friendly alternative to fire based cremation. The process uses WATER as opposed to fire. By using a combination of 95% water and 5% alkalinity, Flameless Cremation mimics the same natural break down of a body if it were to be laid to rest directly in the soil, only accelerated. The following information is a brief description of what happens during the Flameless Cremation process.

During the Flameless Cremation process, a body is gently placed in a container which is then placed in a clean stainless steel vessel. A combination of warm water flow and alkalinity are used to accelerate the natural process of tissue hydrolysis and return the body back to nature.

At the end of the Flameless Cremation process, just like fire-based cremation, the only solid that remains is mineral bone (calcium phosphate) which is then processed and placed in an urn to be given back to the family. However, unlike fire-based cremation, the mineral bone ash from Flameless Cremation is clean and lighter in color because it is without carbon discoloration. The mineral bone ash is 100% safe; pathogen and disease free.

If an individual has metal medical devices, such pacemakers or medical implants, those are recovered for recycling after the Flameless Cremation process has taken place.

Flameless Cremation is offered by funeral homes all across the United States, Canada, and Europe. It is even used by medical schools for individuals who have been donated to science, including the world renowned Mayo Clinic.

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